2008年9月30日 星期二

Another Way to Die music video

Isn't it kind of too bright for a Bond music video? Maybe it'll make more sense after seeing the movie. Jack White,wooo!

Listen to Bob Dylan's new album

NPR Music is streaming Bob Dylan's new album Tell Tale Signs, the entire 2-disc version on their website!

"Widely regarded as America's greatest living songwriter, Bob Dylan has written and recorded some of the most influential and acclaimed music of the past century. For the legions of fans who still can't get enough, Dylan's longtime label (Columbia Records) has been releasing a series of "bootleg" CDs from the singer — a vast collection of rare recordings and outtakes spanning five decades. Tell Tale Signs, the eighth volume in the series, covers Dylan's past 20 years, a period that produced the albums Time Out of Mind, Love and Theft, Modern Times and Oh Mercy."

Tell Tale Signs will be released on October 7.

2008年9月29日 星期一

This Week's Tunes

TV on the Radio
Dear Science
MP3: Golden Age

Such Fun
MP3: Confessor

La Rocca
Ok Okay
MP3: Sing Her Song

Division Day
Beartrap Island
MP3: Colorguard

Bubblegum Lemonade
Susan's In The Sky EP
MP3: Susan's In The Sky

Gold & Silver & Sunshine

"Gold & Silver & Sunshine" is an Oasis documentary on making of the new album Dig Out Your Soul. The documentary DVD was part of the Limited Edition Box-set. You can watch a short preview of the film here.

Again,I really love this album.

2008年9月27日 星期六

TV On The Radio "Dancing Choose"

Everyone's talking about the new TOTR!

Coldplay - Lost

Dig Out Your Soul

Since the deletion of my review on the new Oasis album Dig Out Your Soul, I didn't have the words saved and I'm not in the mood to rewrite them all over again . But I'll give you guys the link to a Stereogum early review of the album. In short, it's a very different Oasis album, as a die-hard Oasis(and the Beatles) fan, I love Dig Out Your Soul . Liam's voice and his song I'm Outta Time really amazed me. The Turning ,for me, is the most standout track of the album. I can't wait to get the actual album and see the interesting artwork,cheers.


Some of you might noticed that some very recent posts of mine were gone; according to DMCA, the contents infringes the copyright. I'm a supporter of the acts to protect the copyright of the artists; they spent years making music that they're proud of,yet some people just don't know how to fully appreciate it. I have nothing to say about them taking down my posts with links to the songs.
At the same time,as a massive music products consumer, I felt disappointed. I am the one trying to help people buy music by letting them like the music. It's 2008, you can't expect people to spend money on music based on a 30 seconds trailer on MTV or the massive billboard on the main street. The sole reason I built this blog was to convinced people that "Artists are not doing charity.When you like an artist,go buy the music." Most of the reasons why music blogs are so popular today is because people are more eager to find good music then the days of radio. We posted things not to violate the copyright terms but to introduce people to more music; believe it or not,the people I met were actually more willing to buy music if they've heard it and liked it. We are not the one telling people not to buy music, it's sad that the offcials doing the copyright works clearly don't know how to distinguished us from the real criminals.
This blog might be taking down for any furthur "violations." I can't make sure what is right and wrong to post(since most of my posts were fine with them), but I'll keep posting. For all the music lovers and the music bloggers out there, I salute you.

2008年9月25日 星期四

New Vampire Weekend

As I mentioned a few weeks ago,Vampire Weekend have a new song featured on the Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist movie soundtrack. The song titled "Ottoman" could now be stream on Stereogum. It's not much different from the songs in their first album; from some who have already seen the movie reviewed that many other great songs used in the movie were not even in the soundtrack! Can Nick & Norah be the new Garden State?We'll see.

2008年9月23日 星期二

News & Vidoes grabs

◎ Hm...Ryan Adams compares new Oasis album to Radiohead.
Rachael Yamagata - Elephants.
The Last Shadow Puppets Live @ Mercury Prize 2008 .
The Killers first single "Human" was premiered on BBC Radio 1.

2008年9月21日 星期日

The new nano ad

Guess you've all seen the new iPod nano ad,but my focus is on the song though!


2008年9月18日 星期四

Another Way To Die

The new Bond theme song is finally out!Amy Winehouse and Mark Ronson was not able to came up with a good one so they ended up giving the chance to the genius Jack White to make a collaboration with the R&B diva Alicia Keys. The song Another Way To Die was written and produced by Jack White,you can hear the familiar sound of Jack's guitar and his distinctive voice, for a second I even began to wonder where's Alicia Keys? I love it,but it's not a common song for a Bond movie.You can listen to the official stream with good quality here.
Quantum of Solace will be in theatre 11/14.

Travis-Song To Self


I'm back! 10 days are definitely not enough, London is such a wonderful and beautiful city. Sadly,apart from some CDs and magazines, I didn't get the chance to see anything music related(hmm,if you count walked across Abbey Road?) Anyway, London is now my favorite city in the world(sorry NYC~),I'm dying for another chance to stay in London again!

2008年9月5日 星期五

This Week's Tunes

Gold EP

Stars Whiteout
MP3: Personal Assistant
Album :Stars Whiteout

Some Small History
MP3: Some Small History

Sad Robots
MP3: A Thread Cut With A Carving Knife

The Charade
Keeping Up Appearances
MP3: Keeping Up Appearances

The Last Shadow Puppets & Kaiser Chiefs

The Last Shadow Puppets - My Mistakes Were Made For You

Kaiser Chiefs - Never Miss A Beat

Dead Heart Bloom

New York City band Dead Heart Bloom released their new EP Fall In and can be download on their website. Dead Heart Bloom is with a kind of shoegazing that's more approachable and yet the occasional melancholic chagrin can also break your heart. I've seen people decribed Dead Heart Bloom as having the "eclectic eccentricity of Beck" and the "dramatics of Bowie," but that's not enough of the describtion, you can also feel the mellow of Radiohead and the soft sparks of Coldplay or even the slight edginess of Nirvana. Dead Heart Bloom is the combination of everything I love, I truely regreatted to not have known them till now.

Dead Heart Bloom-Our Last Martyr
Dead Heart Bloom-Nothing Will Break Me Now

Ra Ra Riot -Ghost Under Rocks

Ra Ra Riot -Ghost Under Rocks live @ Conan

2008年9月3日 星期三

The Last Shadow Puppets live @ Paris Olympia

After listening to the bootleg of The Last Shadow Puppets August 26 gig at Paris Olympia, I fell in love with the album all over again. I found out that over the past few months,I kept listening to their album whenever I was reading or studying. Since it's already the later half of the year, I'm sure that The Age Of The Understatement would be my top 10 album of the year!And I so want to see them live for once in my life!

Calm Like You
The Age Of The Understatement
Only The Truth
The Chamber
Gas Dance
Mes Erreurs Sont Faites Pour Toi
Paris Summer(avec Alison 'VV' Mosshart)
Separate And Ever Deadly
I Don't Like You Anymore
My Little Red Book
The Meeting Place
The Time Has Come Again
Standing Next To Me
In My Room

live @ Paris Olympia (August 26,2008)
The Last Shadow Puppets-Mes Erreurs Sont Faites Pour Toi(My Mistakes Were Made For You)
The Last Shadow Puppets-The Time Has Come Again


2008年9月1日 星期一

Acid Tongue

Jenny Lewis from Rilo Kiley is releasing another solo album on September 23! The album titled Acid Tongue also features extraordinary artists like M Ward,Elvis Costello and Zooey Deschanel. Now you can stream the title track Acid Tongue on Jenny Lewis' website,with a short cameo of Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie. Or go to NPR's All Songs Consider website, click on the August 25 show to stream the song.