2009年3月30日 星期一


I haven't been posting links to songs for weeks! Some of my posts had been taken down and I've been warned for several times now, so I guess I'll need to be very cautious about the songs I'm posting. Anyway, hope you like the following songs.

I Blame You
MP3: Pine On

Pete Doherty
Grace / Wastelands
MP3: New Love Grows On Trees

Winter Gloves
About A Girl
MP3: Let Me Drive

Swan Lake
Enemy Mine
MP3: Spanish Gold, 2044


The Mary Onettes release their first single in two years, the press release described it as "imagine a Swedish equivalent of The National on a diet of speed, Planet Earth DVDs and Go-Betweens singles and you’ll have a vague idea of how wonderful this is!" Take a listen.

MP3: The Mary Onettes - Dare

Psapp - I Want That

2009年3月25日 星期三

The Open Door

Death Cab For Cutie is set to release 'The Open Door' EP,
The songs:
01 "Little Bribes"
02 "A Diamond And A Tether"
03 "My Mirror Speaks"
04 "I Was Once a Loyal Lover"
05 "Talking Bird" (demo)
These are the tracks from their 'Narrow Stairs' album recording session that were not quite fit to the album's sound. The EP is available for digital download 3/31.

Sigur Rós - Við spilum endalaust

Sigur Ros - Við spilum endalaust - A Take Away Show from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.

Bloc Party - One Month Off

Bloc Party performed "One Month Off" on the Late Show with David Letterman

2009年3月22日 星期日

News & Vidoes grabs

Vampire Weekend performed a new song "White Sky" on Jimmy Fallon
Bishop Allen - Dimmer
Bat For Lashes - Daniel
Lily Allen - Not Fair
Neko Case - People Got A Lotta Nerve
Kanye West plays a surprise show @ SXSW

2009年3月15日 星期日

News & Vidoes grabs

Jack White of The White Stripes formed a super group called The Dead Weather, the members are : The Kills' Alison Mosshart, Raconteur's Jack Lawrence, and Queens Of The Stone Age's Dean Fertita's. Check out their website for the song "Hang You Up From The Heavens"
Oasis fans are dumber?
Oasis, U2 and Franz Ferdinand performed for this year's Comic Relief
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Zero

Franz Ferdinand - No You Girls

Franz Ferdinand - No You Girls

2009年3月12日 星期四

Oasis announce first tour in Taipei!

"Oasis are set to make their debut appearance in Taiwan after announcing today that they will play Taiwan World Trade Centre Nangang in Taipei City on Friday 3rd April.

The gig is part of their forthcoming Asian tour that which kicks off in Nagoya, Japan on 18th March and includes sold out dates in Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong.

There is a Pre-Sale party at Hua Sheng Culture Park Middle One Hall A between 11am and 7pm this Saturday (March 14th). Tickets then go on General Sale on Sunday 15th March through ERA ticket outlets and www.ticket.com.tw"

[Oasis official site]
[Venue Information]

See you guys at the concert :D

2009年3月10日 星期二

Neko Case - Middle Cyclone

Why do Neko Case's new album Middle Cyclone attract me? Not just for the interesting album cover(holding a sword on a muscle car?!) but also her extraordinary narrative style. How do you expect a song called 'This Tornado Loves You' would sounds like if you've never listen to Neko Case's music before? Not typical folk songs-- her songs may be simple but what and how they evoke you, is a feeling that makes her songs so unforgettable; like the way the cryptic lyrics ("I'm a men-eater") and delicate backdrop comes together as a beautiful melody that is the track 'People Got A Lotta Nerve'. Middle Cyclone not only once again proven Neko Case as a master songwriter but also a gorgeous singer. Though each songs were carefully crafted, it still feels softly spontaneous. I'd be a shame if you missed Middle Cyclone.

Neko Case-People Got A Lotta Nerve

2009年3月7日 星期六

News & Vidoes grabs

Michael Jackson,aka The King of Pop, annouced his comeback concert in London titled "This Is It." This seriously looks not good:(
Yeah Yeah Yeahs put their entire new album It's Blitz! up on MySpace page.
Rock Band announced the September release date for The Beatles :Rock Band
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah stopped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
Oasis frontman Noel Gallagher slammed the Chinese government for their good memory.

2009年3月6日 星期五

Yeah Yeah Yeahs-It's Blitz!

Even though every time my favorite bands' new album comes out, I'd instantly regard it as the best. Some people said that Yeah Yeah Yeahs has gone soft on this album, I still think otherwise.With much more disco-beat than ever, Karen O's voice was slightly warmer but still with an inimitable edge. Starting from the opening song 'Zero' to the 5th song 'Dull Life,' I've already been on a rollercaoster ride; It's Blitz! is an immensely exciting album, the release date was forced to push forward to March 9 due to the early leak on the internet, please please please, listen to It's Blitz! ,it's really a blitz!

2009年3月1日 星期日


I've been listening to many albums in the first two months of 2009, some of them strikes me as excellent and some of them didn't leave me much impression. After reading this entry from NPR's All Songs Considered blog about how 2009 is already better then 2008, I thought it's better for me to write down some of the albums I've been expecting for a while, then forgetting about ever listening to them again.

Lily Allen - It's Not Me, It's You
Allen's debut album has been my favorite contemporary pop album for her clever lyrics and cute-as-hell pop tunes. Her second album It's Not Me, It's You, even with the casually sharp remarks on man and love, didn't surprised me too much. Yes, there are still many adorable pop songs(like the track 'Not Fair') with lots of swearing(like 'F**k You'), but just not as impressive. Nevertheless, It's Not Me, It's You is surely still a hype-worthy, a more grown-up and personal album for Lily Allen.

Franz Ferdinand - TonightIt's been 4 years since the last Franz Ferdinand album, which was the time period that I was a freshman and now becoming a senior students in college. For 4 years I've been waiting for this album to come out, maybe the expectation was too much or I've simply grown tired of dance-rock, Tonight was actually a disappointment. Though some of the tracks I do enjoyed very much('Ulysses' ,'No You Girls'), but most of the songs just felt flat. Like the quote from Uncut magazine's review, "Tonight is fine, but will you still love them tomorrow?"

U2 - No Line On The HorizonI still remembered a few weeks ago, my initial reaction upon hearing 'Get On Your Boots' was 'frightened.' But , thank God, the album No Line On The Horizon is damn good. The sound is epic and grand, the amazement brought by every tracks were so immense that I really couldn't describe my astonishment toward the kind of sound U2 can make and be. There's no way U2 can ever be trapped in the dead zone, No Line On The Horizon is so inspiring and uplifting for this depressing year.

.......Next on, M. Ward and Yeah Yeah Yeahs.