2008年12月28日 星期日

This Week's Tunes

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin
MP3: Think I Wanna Die

Dan Auerbach
Keep it Hid
MP3: I Want Some More

Paper Moon
What Are You Going To Do With Me? EP
MP3: What Are You Going To Do With Me

Fall Out Boy
Folie A Deux
MP3: What A Catch Donnie (Acoustic)

2008年12月27日 星期六

Franz Ferdinand - Ulysses

From their new album Tonight: Franz Ferdinand

2008年12月21日 星期日

Christmas 2008

People living in North America or Europe might find this unbelievable, but today, in Taipei, the sun is still shining like mad and I'm actually wearing shorts! How I wish I could have a white Christmas~ For all my college and long-time friends, no matter where in the world you are right now, I wish you a very happy Christmas!

The Chipmunks with David Seville-The Chipmunk Song
Gene Autry-Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Frank Sinatra-Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
Andy Williams-It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year
John Lennon-Happy X'mas (War Is Over)
Judy Garland-Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas


2008年12月19日 星期五

News & Vidoes grabs

Yeah Yeah Yeahs posted a new song "All I Want For Christmas" on their MySpace page.
Block Party - One Month Off
Pitchfork pitches their 50 Best Albums of 2008, which is the most agreeable list I've seen so far.
◎ 20 Albums that Stereogum are most excited to hear in the coming 2009.
Mark Ronson named 99 of his favorite musical acts, leaving out one spot for a future band.
Jack White and Cate Blanchett interview each other for Interview Magazine.
Little Joy - No One's Better Sake

2008年12月15日 星期一

This Week's Tunes

So much has happened lately. Just as my life seems to be heading toward a dead end, amazing things happened. I've always been looking for a silver lining in these last few months of my student life; so many memories has yet to be made, so small portion of my dream has been fulfilled. The challenges I'm facing may not be as grave, still, I felt slightly overwhelmed by the fact that people could trust me enough as to give me such missions. Cheers!

Maia Hirasawa
Though, I'm Just Me
MP3: And I Found This Boy

Cat Power
Dark End Of The Street
MP3: Dark End Of The Street

Northern Portrait
The Fallen Aristocracy
MP3: Crazy

Anya Marina
Slow & Steady Seduction, Phase II
MP3: Move You

2008年12月11日 星期四

News & Vidoes grabs

◎ I'm definitely not the most excited one about Blur's reunion, just look at the graffiti on the London Millennium Bridge!
Rolling Stone's Top 100 Singles of the Year and Top 50 Albums list.
◎ Read the reasons behind SPIN Top 40 albums of the year.
NME also released their top 50 album list!
The Decemberists announced the track list for their new album "The Hazards of Love," due out March 24.
Eagles of Death Metal - Wannabe In LA

2008年12月9日 星期二

Blur reunited!

Blur confirmed to NME that they'll be reunited for a Hyde Park show on July 3 ! After the 2002 break, there were numerous rumors about them getting back together or that they're officially breaking up. This is the first time they've talk about an exact date and some more gigs in the UK, it's the moment all the Blur fans has been dreaming of for years.

"It just felt it was right again,"
declared Albarn of Blur's return. "It somehow feels like there's something for us to do again, we're not completely useless or pointless, we've got a reason to exist."

No doubt the show will have the hottest tickets in the world!!

2008年12月7日 星期日

My favorite albums of 2008

Looking back at all the albums I've been listening this year, many of them will surely be my beloved ones for years. Almost all the big names were on my list but ,at the same time, I was also feeling a bit awkward for the lack of diversity of my list....Anyway, with the releasing of Oasis,Last Shadow Puppets,Coldplay and Sigur Rós, it's been a marvelous year to music lovers of my kind. With great expectations, I can't wait for another new year of great music.


The Last Shadow Puppets
The Age of the Understatement

Ra Ra Riot
The Rhumb Line

Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends

Modern Guilt

Vampire Weekend
Vampire Weekend

The Raconteurs
Consolers Of The Lonely

Sigur Rós
Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust

Oracular Spectacular

Dig Out Your Soul

Flight Of The Conchords
Flight Of The Conchords
[Foux Du Fafa]

The Magnetic Fields

She & Him
Volume One

Thao Nguyen and the Get Down Stay Down
We Brave Bee Stings And All
[Bag of Hammers]

[Other of my favorites:]
Bloc Party-Intimacy
Kaiser Chiefs-Off With Their Heads
Cajun Dance Party-The Colourful Life
Carla Bruni-Comme si de rien n'était
Fleet Foxes-Fleet Foxes
The Killers-Day & Age
Conor Oberst-Conor Oberst
Death Cab For Cutie-Narrow Stairs
Department Of Eagles-In Ear Park[In Ear Park]
Headlights-Some Racing, Some Stopping
M83 - Saturdays = Youth
Okkervil River - The Stand Ins
Deerhunter - Microcastle
Kings Of Leon - Only By The Night
Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Cardinology
British Sea Power - Do You Like Rock Music?[Waving Flags]
Elbow - Starlings
Frightened Rabbit - The Midnight Organ Fight
TV On The Radio - Dear Science


2008年12月4日 星期四

News & Vidoes grabs

◎ The nominations list of the 51st Grammy Awards
Lily Allen - The Fear
◎ Check out the list of Uncut and Mojo's Top 50 album of 2008
Noel Gallagher is ready for a solo album and I'm ready to buy it.
Kanye West beat Guns N' Roses on Billboard's album chart

2008年12月3日 星期三


It's frustrating ,facing a foreign language that you couldn't completely understand it. But when this language is accompany by the kind of music that can surpasses all the boundries and still somehow moved you, you fall in love with them anyway. This is exactly what happened when I first heard the Japanese band Mr. Children when I was in high school, the tender yet dramatic voice of the singer Sakurai(桜井和寿) was so distinct and the songs were so beautifully composed that I couldn't get them out of my head. You'll be surprised by the details in Mr. Children's songs and, at the same time, deeply touched by the atmosphere they created. The range of the issues Mr. Children disscussed in their songs were very wide, but the magical thing about them is that you don't have to understand the lyrics to know the theme, you can simply feel it! It's a rare kind of quality that you'll be happy to just find one such band in your life time. Mr. Children is about to release their new album Supermarket Fantasy, if you can get your hands on it, please do so.

Mr. Children - HANABI

[official website] In Japanese