2008年8月31日 星期日

This Week's Tunes

The Coral
The Singles Collection
MP3: Being Somebody Else

Young Lords
MP3: Rodeo Songs

Joshua Radin
I'd Rather Be With You
MP3: I'd Rather Be With You

The Verve
MP3: Mover

School Of Seven Bells
MP3: Connjur

Innocent Ghosts
MP3: Can't You Wait

The Spinto Band
MP3: Summer Grof


2008年8月30日 星期六

That Lucky Old Sun

In the year 2004,Brian Wilson brought the 60s lovers an adorable album called SMiLE. This year,Brian Wilson once again brought back the glorious days of Southern California with his brand new album That Lucky Old Sun. You can listen to the streaming of the entire album here, enjoy the sun!

download link:
Brian Wilson-Forever My Surfer Girl

2008年8月27日 星期三

Of Montreal-Skeletal Lamping

想到Of Montreal就一定會想到那些詭異奇特又可愛的pop song,新專輯Skeletal Lamping也承繼了此種風格,由好幾種曲風拼湊堆疊出了奇幻又有趣的組合。延續前一張專輯Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?的主題,主唱Kevin Barnes變身成為Georgie Fruit,一位經過多次變性手術的40歲男人,由他親口敘述在七零年代加入funk樂團所經歷的旅程。Skeletal Lamping這場奇幻之旅帶你從靈魂、放克節奏一路體驗到海灘男孩(The Beach Boys)般的美麗合聲,Skeletal Lamping用最不可思議的優美方式唱出一個個具有濃濃性暗示的故事與令人莞爾的歌詞。除了仍然保有Of Montreal招牌的朗朗上口旋律,在聆聽Skeletal Lamping時也可以聽到更多出其不意的複雜小片段:舞池上微弱的光芒閃耀著、唱盤上轉著復古的迪斯可Skeletal Lamping比起上一張專輯較難找到特別突出的曲目,稱之為「概念專輯」又尚為不足,反正就還是喜歡聽著Of Montreal,迎接夏天的尾聲。

It’s arty, it’s playful and a lot of fun (as usual).

Skeletal Lamping will be out on October,7.


of Montreal-For Our Elegant Caste
of Montreal-Gallery Piece

Kanye West - Good Morning

2008年8月25日 星期一


初聽Mercury這首單曲,我有些膽怯,就好像與朋友聊天到一半被他用椅子砸一樣不知所措.不過我也漸漸的喜歡這個新朋友--侵略性稍強的Bloc Party.在新專輯Intimacy中,Bloc Party嘗試了所有他們曾走過的曲風:強大的distortion還有密密麻麻的電音節奏,伴隨的是永不停歇的鼓點與不時冒出頭的吉他狂暴號音.聽完Intimacy猶如跑完百米,心狂跳不停又抑制不住興奮之情.重撥專輯後又會再次被開場曲Ares懸住(despite the simplicity of the lyrics).要說Intimacy唯一的缺點就是專輯才短短九首歌,在專輯結束時,已被驚奇覆蓋的聽覺瞬間被失落感給淹沒..I cannot get enough of Bloc Party!

Bloc Party-Halo
Bloc Party-Trojan Horse

p.s. Sorry for the lack of update these past days due to some technical problems ,it should be overcome in a few days time.

2008年8月21日 星期四

2008年8月20日 星期三

This Week's Tunes

The Rosebuds
Life Like
MP3: Life Like

Ben Folds
Songs For Silverman
MP3: Trusted

Sonya Kitchell
This Storm
MP3: Every Drop

Carla Bruni
Comme Si De Rien N'était
MP3: Tu Es Ma Came

Peter Bjorn And John
Seaside Rock
MP3: Inland Empire

Fuck Dress
Suburban Nietzsche Freak
MP3: Sunshine Corporation

Juni Järvi
Wherever Thou Art
MP3: If We Just Want To

2008年8月19日 星期二

Oasis - The Shock Of The Lightning

Love is a time machine,up on the silver screen.

2008年8月17日 星期日

Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist

I could watch Michael Cera for an entire day without feeling bored. The last time I saw an awkward,geeky,goofy,adorable plus music-loving modern indie kid on big screen was eons ago; thanks to the success of films such as Juno and Once, music now plays a tremendous part in some of the awards-receiving potentials. Like Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist- an adoption from the best-selling book with the same title- was about how a boy and a girl,having trouble with their love lives, met each other during a night out. I haven't read the book yet, just from the names featured in the movie trailer(Bishop Allen,We Are Scientists,Band of Horses, Richard Hawley...) I'm surely going to be anticipating this film. Besides, the story took place in one of my favorie city :New York, what's not to love?

Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist soundtrack tracklist:
01 Chris Bell: "Speed of Sound"
02 Devendra Banhart: "Lover"
03 Bishop Allen: "Middle Management"
04 Vampire Weekend: "Ottoman"
05 The Dead 60s: "Riot Radio"
06 Takka Takka: "Fever"
07 The Submarines: "Xavia"
08 We Are Scientists: "After Hours"
09 Band of Horses: "Our Swords"
10 Army Navy: "Silvery Sleds"
11 Richard Hawley: "Baby, You're My Light"
12 Shout Out Louds: "Very Loud"
13 Paul Tiernan: "How to Say Goodbye"
14 The Real Tuesday Weld: "Last Words"

Travis - Something Anything

The new video 'Something Anything' is actually the first single from the new Travis album Ode To J. Smith. This song was written by bassist Dougie Payne and will be released in the UK on September 15. As guaranteed, the song is rocking,enthusiastic and upbeat. I already felt 10 years younger!

2008年8月15日 星期五

The Shock of the Lightning!

Yep,I don't care that I've already posted an article about Oasis,I'm still gonna post a new one and that's just how much I love them. The official first single 'The Shock of the Lightning' was available for online download,I supposed all of you have felt the immense excitement around the blogosphere. So did the song live up to the expectations? I trusted that my beloved Gallagher brothers(a shout out to Noel!) deserves better than our expectations. I'm not being oblivious, I simply love everything they do and say(especially those drunken murmurs). And you've got to admit, Liam's voice has never been better! 'The Shock of the Lightning' is rocking, chugging and loud. It could drive any crowds crzay and will definitley sounds massive during the gig. It's said that Noel only took 10 minutes in writing this song, no wonder it's so fast and straight-in-your-face.
Check out the Oasis UK tour dates and the detail of the new album 'Dig Out Your Soul.'

download link:
Oasis-The Shock of the Lightning

2008年8月13日 星期三

Can you feel it?Can you taste it? You can definitely sense the sound of two orchestras and a colossal Oasis album coming--just like what Noel promised. This download-only promotional single Falling Down in almost like the essence extracted from the 60s; the drumbeat, the hammering bass pulled me back to the days when musicians were experimenting and putting as much resources in the song as they can. It wouldn't be an Oasis song without the brilliance of Noel's lyrics, "If you won't save me, please don't waste my time." Indulge yourself in the rockin' sound and be sure to go to a gig to see Oasis live(if you ever get the chance)!

download link:
Oasis-Falling Down


2008年8月12日 星期二

Lucid Dreams

You can listen to the stream of Franz Ferdinand's new song Lucid Dreams on their website. The song is not a single but it could be included in the new album. It's been almost 3 years since the release of Franz Ferdinand's last album You Could Have It So Much Better, and the release date of the yet untitled third album has not been confirmed but was rumored that it could be the spring of 2009.

2008年8月9日 星期六

This Week's Tunes

Those who are looking forward to some great bands new album,behold! Here goes Keane, Dungen, Of Montreal and Noah and the Whale. Those of who looking for some 60s tunes, be sure to check out Telepathic Butterflies and Vivian Girls. What about the rest? Just take a listen and I'm sure you'll fall in love with them,too.

Perfect Symmetry
MP3: Spiralling

The Rural Alberta Advantage
MP3: Don't Haunt this Place

Margot & The Nuclear So and So's
The Dust of Retreat
MP3: Barfight Revolution, Power Violence

Apollo Sunshine
Shall Noise Upon
MP3: Breeze

MP3: Sätt Att Se

Of Montreal
Skeletal Lamping
MP3: Id Engager

The Airborne Toxic Event
The Airborne Toxic Event EP
MP3: Sometime Around Midnight

Darker My Love
MP3: Two Ways Out

Noah and the Whale
Peaceful The World Lays Me Down
MP3: Mary

Telepathic Butterflies
Breakfast in Suburbia
MP3: A Scathing Report

Grand Pocket Orchestra
Grand Pocket Orchestra EP
MP3: Odd Socks

Vivian Girls
Vivian Girls LP
MP3: Where Do You Run To

2008年8月8日 星期五

News & Vidoes grabs

◎ Download Kevin Drew's new song 'Summer Time Dues'
◎ Billboard posted an early review of The Verve's new album.
Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band - Souled Out!!!
◎ So Keane is about to release their new album!

2008年8月7日 星期四

Sigur Rós @ MoMA

Remember the Sigur Rós performance in New York's MoMA this past June? Now you can watch it on current! It's a must see.

2008年8月4日 星期一

News & Vidoes grabs

◎ NME's "25 bands making America cool again"
Setlist and photos from Radiohead in Lollapalooza
Vampire Weekend's new video "Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa"
Arctic Monkeys :We will be rock kings

Viva La Vida

Coldplay released their official video for the single 'Viva La Vida.' At the same time, they also put out another version they shot that was more Coldplay-esq. As usually, I prefer the weird stuff . Come on, who wouldb't love Chris Martin as a king? Maybe not the common people but at least he's got 3 followers!